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Your Year in Review 2017

This year I want to add an extra exercise, this time of year is incredibly busy. I hope you’re hitting the end of the year in good shape. I would love to interrupt your busy-ness before you stop for Christmas. If you can’t please take them with you over the break. For us driver-types who look at the next problem, then the next, then the next. Stop and look at the last 12 months and acknowledge everything we have done and all of the efforts we have achieved. FInd 30 minutes to reflect, with a blank document or two, and look back to this time last year, and the position you were in physically, financially, emotionally; and look month-by-month at what you’ve done in your life, not just in business but in life. There are two angles- the good stuff, the progress, and the challenging stuff. Then we want to ask two key questions- what went well and what do we want to continue? And what didn’t go so well and what will we make sure we don’t repeat. Firstly, we want to identify how much we have done. Secondly make sure that next year is a deliberate step up, an improvement.

The second exercise is about planning next year. It is better if we can start doing it now. End of November, The start of December is a good time for scheduling next year so that the important things fit in. THere’s an article about a mayonnaise jar and 2 cups of coffee. The premise is that if you schedule in the big things first, the small ones will fit around it, and there’s still room for the liquids e.g a coffee with friends. SO, get a year-long calendar. The big things need to be planned. We work to live, not live to work. Block out at least four holidays in the next 12 months. Family events need to go in the diary e.g birthdays, activities with the kids. Start being deliberate with where your time goes. Another event to block out are evenings regularly so you have time with those who are important to us- e.g a partner. Put the ‘rocks’ in first and then start planning your work life around those big events. Another thing that I encourage you to put in there is a day a week that you’re not working – not answering calls, checking emails, anything to do with your business. Ideally a weekday, but if need be, one day on the weekend. You have a much better chance of spending time with your family and looking after yourself if you plan. It’s amazing what you get done with hard deadlines. We will fit our lives around the big events.

That’s me for the year. I hope you have an amazing Christmas and see you in 2018.

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