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Transformational business coaching for established Wellington businesses.

Ready to help your business take flight and get your life back?

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5 Reasons Why You're Working Too Hard
(And Missing Out on Extra Profits)

Learn the single most critical step to stop being overworked.

Business improvement begins here

It’s crossed your mind that a business mentor could be what you need. That’s why you’re here. Now your mission is finding the right business coach. Someone who has the credentials – they’ve been there and done that. Someone you’re comfortable with, because you’ll have to spend time with them before changes can be made. It’s possible we’re that someone.

Not a spot fix, a total fix

For more than 10 years Red Hot has helped hundreds of NZ business owners with between 5 and 50 employees. We’re not a lead generation company, but our kind of business coaching will definitely lift your profitability. Red Hot’s focus is getting the whole of your business into great shape, not just the sales and marketing side. We can tell you some extraordinary success stories, and once that’s out of the way we’ll focus on your story. The next chapter.

How does it work?

Curious about what happens when you get a business coach? How do you start and where does it finish? We’ve put a few words together to help you get the picture.

Are we a good fit?

Our experience over the last 15 years shows that our business coaching and consulting is most effective for privately owned businesses with:

A turnover of between $500k and $5m

Employee numbers between 5 and 50

A genuine commitment to improvement

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Wondering if our style of coaching is for you? We have condensed 6 of our most valuable and actionable tips from real coaching sessions to give you a taste of our business coaching style.


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At the end of the six weeks you will have a taste for how business coaching can work for you. You’ll also gain an insight into our unique approach to helping overworked business owners regain control of their business.
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