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Are You Too Available?

If you’re busy and want more time – read this.

The “Open Door” policy is one of the worst concepts ever invented. It means that any staff member can interrupt you at any time to get their urgent matter dealt with. You become “Too Available”.

Why is this a bad thing? And how do you change it?

3 Reasons why being “Too Available” is a bad thing

One: It means your team are discouraged from solving problems on their own (why would they when they can just ask you?).

Two: You end up being constantly distracted and losing focus. You work on the same things multiple times and waste time.

Three: It means that rather than working on important issues that grow your profit or give you more free time – you spend all day handling minor crises.

Set the rules for how your staff access you

Try this. Create “restricted access” times. This is effectively you “closing your door”. You know what it’s like when everyone has left work and you can “get stuff done”. Create more of that for yourself during the day.

Maybe you could become unavailable (except for real emergencies) before 10am, or between 12-2pm, or any other time that works for your business. This gives you solid blocks of uninterrupted time to get more productive and get important things done. The rest of the day is available as normal.

This strategy has proven to be hugely profitable for dozens of our clients. Give it a go.

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