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Need improved cashflow or better work/life balance? Ready to upgrade your business management skills? Thinking about business succession planning? Want to prepare your business for sale? Can’t see the wood for the trees? Lost your mojo? Fit our criteria?

Are we a good fit?

Our experience over the last 15 years shows that our business coaching and consulting is most effective for privately owned businesses with:

A turnover of between $500k and $5m

Employee numbers between 5 and 50

A genuine commitment to improvement


For all enquiries fill out the contact form below – if you are contacting us about business coaching, as a next step, we will come back to you to organise a time to get together for a free business discovery session to learn more about each other and explore how coaching with Red Hot might work for you.

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6 Weeks to Action Toolkit


Wondering if our style of coaching is for you? We have condensed 6 of our most valuable and actionable tips from real coaching sessions to give you a taste of our business coaching style.


  • Weekly instalments delivered direct to your inbox for 6 weeks
  • Rich, relevant content outlining business problems like ‘Why selling more is costing you money’ and access to our blueprint on how to move forward.
  • Valuable and actionable tips to start making changes within your business – now.
At the end of the six weeks you will have a taste for how business coaching can work for you. You’ll also gain an insight into our unique approach to helping overworked business owners regain control of their business.
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