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Are You Like a Duck on Water?

There are two pictures that come to mind when we think of a duck on water. On the surface, the duck glides serenely across the surface, with everything looking calm, and in control. Under the water, we see another picture: the legs are thrashing away furiously to move the duck forwards.

A lot like business owners really!

We’re all great at looking good; like we have everything under control… Having spent the last 14 years coaching and talking to business owners – I know that this is a false reality. Even the most successful business owners I know are still hiding the ‘thrashing legs’.

Underneath the surface, they, too, are often scrambling. They are busy responding to urgent issues. They often don’t feel like great business people. They’re just keeping up. Their business is running them, not the other way around. All this despite having a reasonable income – and looking like everything is perfect. This is the truth for most business people (even if they won’t admit it).

In our work with business owners over the past 14 years, we’ve learned a few things. We’ve distilled much of what we’ve learned over that period and put it into a Free Report that you can download now. The business owners who’ve already read it, have told us they wished they’d seen it years ago. You can grab your copy at www.redhot.co.nz/freereport 

If you know someone running a great business, who looks like a duck, pass this on to them too. 

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