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7 Signs You Definitely Need a Day Off

When deadlines and opportunities abound, it can seem really hard to take a day for yourself. But sometimes, the signs you should are overwhelming. See if these describe you.

You’re about to get a break for Christmas – but when was the last time you took a day off? I mean really took a day off – unplugged from your computer, turned off your phone, and stayed as far away from the business as possible for a full day?  Even if good things are happening and you have the privilege of doing what you love, the stress can add up and your productivity can drop way down.

If you are showing several of these 7 signs, it means that you’re definitely leaving it too long between breaks.

  1. When asked, “How are things?” you say, “I’m really busy!”
  2. You’re always tired.
  3. You haven’t gotten to the bottom of a to-do list in over a month.
  4. Your idea of a holiday is coming into the office at 9 a.m. instead of 7.
  5. When asked, “What do you do for fun?” you can’t remember.
  6. You’re sad to learn your favourite restaurant closed down…three years ago.
  7. Your family greets you with “Excuse me, sir/ma’am; are you lost?”

If you’ve been showing these signs for a while, what’s going to change it? Do you want to keep going like that for another 5 years?

We know it’s hard making changes yourself – but helping people grow their business AND get back more free time is what we do.

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